Food in school

School Lunches

For children who wish to eat a hot meal – school meal menus are available to down load at the My School Lunch website.

For those children and parents looking for healthy ideas for lunchboxes – lunchbox ideas are available from the Foods Standards Agency.

Lunch Money

School meals are provided by Caerphilly County Borough Council. When you pay for lunches the money goes to them. For this reason, payment for school lunches should be made to CCBC and kept entirely separate from other payment such as ‘fruit money’, which is paid into the school account and not the CCBC account.

School meals should be ordered and paid for on the Monday of each week. This is the day when we employ extra admin staff to deal with the payment, which includes banking it. Late payments cause extra work and require additional visits to the bank. In short they put pressure on school resources. Payment should be in an envelope marked with the pupil’s name and class. Meals cost £1.90 each, that’s £9.50 for the school week.

Nut Allergies

We have a number of pupils throughout our school with severe nut allergies. For these pupils even the smallest trace of nuts can be life threatening.  We therefore aim to keep our school a nut free zone. We ask all parents to imagine how they would feel if it was their child who had a severe nut allergy.  Please do not send any food containing traces of nuts into school.  We are very grateful for your co-operation.

Fruit Snacks

We promote healthy eating at Rhiw Syr Dafydd and strongly encourage the eating of fruit as a playtime snack.

Junior children can bring money to school and purchase fruit daily from our fruit trolley at a cost of 20p per day.

Infant and Nursery children pay fruit money at the start of the week and are given their fruit by a member of staff, usually at the same time as they have their milk drink.  The cost is £1 per week per child.  Fruit money should be sent to school each Monday in an envelope marked ‘Fruit Money for (note date)’ together with the child’s name and class written on it.

We have a good selection of fresh fruit regularly delivered to school including apples, bananas, plums, grapes, satsumas and tangerines.


We recognise the health benefits of staying hydrated.  We have many water fountains within school that the children can access.  In the Nursery and Infants each child has a cup in class that they can use to get a drink.  In the Juniors, children need to bring a water bottle (clearly marked with their name) to school that they can use to take a drink.

Children in Nursery and the Infants receive a school milk drink every day.  There is no charge for school milk.

Breakfast Club

The best start to a school day is a healthy and nutritious breakfast – the most important meal of the day.

Breakfast club is open before school from 7.50am and provides pupils with breakfast, which includes a variety of items, such as toast, fruit juice, a selection of cereal, sugar-free jam, yoghurts, fresh and dried fruit and milk.  Children should arrive no later than 8.20am for Breakfast Club as food is only served up until this time.  Once the children have eaten their breakfast they are free to enjoy the wide range of activities we have on offer at breakfast club including toys, art resources, games and reading resources.  At the end of breakfast club the children are escorted to the yard where they are then under the care of the staff on yard duty up until the time that they enter school and go to class.

This service is free of charge and is ideal for parents that have to leave early for work in the mornings.